"It's Time To Start Nibbling" Says Legendary Investor

Emerging Markets pioneer Mark Mobius believes a military conflict between China and Taiwan is the most worrying possibility on the macro landscape right now, but that’s not stopping him from picking up opportunities.

In his view, the strong U.S. dollar isn’t the ‘wrecking ball’ it’s been dubbed. He’s using a bottom-up approach and a long-term time horizon to spot companies that benefit from having a weaker currency.

He’s remarkably upbeat about India, Mexico, South Africa, and Turkey.

Even though he’s strong on digital payments, cryptocurrency is one asset class where he’s not a believer. “The price of a crypto is based on faith”, he says, and when people lose faith, “it becomes worthless”. Recorded on August 8th, 2022.


00:00:35 It’s Time to Start Nibbling
00:01:55 You Can’t Paint Emerging Markets With a Broad Brush
00:04:58 Why Mobius Likes India
00:06:44 Whenever I Get Asked About Cryptocurrencies, I say I Don’t Like to Talk About Religion
00:14:15 The Dollar Wrecking Ball
00:18:46 We Will See Another Leg Down
00:21:10 A Conflict Between China and Taiwan is the Most Worrying Thing on the Macro Landscape
00:29:23 The Investment View on China
00:36:41 Why Mobius Likes Brazil, Mexico, and Turkey
00:47:18 Key Takeaways

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