BEST crypto hardware wallets to keep your crypto SAFE! (Ditch all exchanges)

Hashoshi breaks down his top 4 best crypto hardware wallets to get your crypto off of custodial services and into your own self-custody. Check out each wallet in the list with my affiliate links:

// Ledger Nano S Plus //
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// Trezor Model T //
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// Keystone Pro and Essential //
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// ColdCard mk4 //
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⏰ // Timestamps // ⏰
0:00 The #1 rule: get a hardware wallet!
0:32 Ledger Nano S Plus
3:01 Trezor Model T
4:50 Keystone Pro (and Essential)
8:45 ColdCard Mk4
10:23 Beginners guide to hardware wallets
12:18 How to move funds to your hardware wallet
13:43 Have questions? Leave a comment!

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