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Despite many other crypto projects and exchanges struggling amidst difficult market conditions, FTX claims to have over $1 Billion in capital ready to deploy! With so much happening within the exchange & their partnerships, what’s in store for them next? Sub!

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The battle continues between various cryptocurrency exchanges to acquire Voyager Digital and their digital assets, with FTX trying to raise even more funds in order to secure the assets themselves! By deepening their regulatory access and standing, FTX is positioning themselves as a leading crypto exchange for security and crypto regulation.Despite many other exchanges finding hardship in tough economic times, FTX still have $1 Billion ready to deploy to acquire affordable crypto deals, further securing their lead! Let’s take a deep dive into the empire that FTX is building in the crypto sphere.

📃 Crypto News 📃
China GPU prices drop to new lows after the Ethereum Merge

FTX, Binance and CrossTower are competing to buy Voyager Digital assets: Source

FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried Says Firm Still Has $1,000,000,000 in Cash Left To Deploy for Acquisitions – The Daily Hodl

FTX in talks with investors to raise $1B for further acquisitions: Reports

GameStop doubles down on crypto amid a new partnership with FTX US

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 $1 Billion to buy crypto?!
00:34 GPUs drop to new lows in China after Merge!
01:08 FTX competes for Voyagers’ assets
01:47 FTX still has $1 Billion to buy crypto!
02:15 What will make crypto trading volume explode?
02:46 FTX to fund Kwil for nearly $10m!
03:24 FTX to raise another $1 Billion?!
04:22 FTX US and their NFT Marketplace
05:08 Winkyverse and their land sales!
07:13 SBF denies that FTX wants to buy Huobi stake
07:57 Financial Watchdog issues warning on FTX?
08:31 Ex-CFTC commissioner joins FTX
09:01 GameStop, FTX and NFTs?!

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