Are Recession Fears Driving the Price Of Oil?

On the “upward pressure” side are longer-term macro variables and infrastructure neglect as well as renewed geopolitical instability, punctuated by Russia making war on Ukraine.

On the “downward pressure” side are rising recession fears and potential demand destruction as well as the possibility President Joe Biden will extract some sort of promise of increased OPEC production during his visit to Saudi Arabia.

While the price of crude oil is fluctuating now, it will be permanently higher in the future. That’s according to Energy Outlook Advisors Managing Partner Anas Alhajji, who also believes we’re in the early stages of an energy crisis.

Anas joins Tony Greer of TG Macro for a far-ranging energy discussion, covering such ground as whether Mohammad bin Salman will be receptive to Biden’s entreaty, and why, to some, ESG is a religion.

Anas and Tony also address the crises in Sri Lanka and Europe and the trade-offs the U.S. must make to contain prices at the pump. Recorded on July 12, 2022.


00:00:41 Are Recession Fears Driving the Price of Oil?
00:04:09 The ESG Movement & Biden’s Ban on Oil
00:08:39 Refining Wars & Repercussions of Banning Oil
00:14:57 How Will the Biden Administration Solve the Energy Crisis?
00:17:20 The Extreme Measure: The Lockdown Option
00:23:57 The ESG Religion
00:32:03 Here Is How ESG Is Changing Our Behavior
00:35:48 Understanding the Oil Market, Volatility & Prices
00:41:56 The Effect of Oil Prices on Food Inflation
00:45:24 Are ESG Policies Allowing China to Become the Global Energy Provider?
00:49:16 Why the Making of Electrical Vehicles Could Pose a Challenge to National Security
00:55:33 Finding Solutions to the Energy Crisis
01:01:08 Advice for Investors Betting on Oil
01:06:53 Breaking Down the Current Energy Crisis

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