BITCOIN: HISTORIC MOMENT!!!!!!! *THIS* IS HUGE!!! [Preparing NOW for the BIG MOVE!!]

#Bitcoin is setting up for a colossal move as multiple signs point to imminent volatility! $BTC worldwide adoption continues despite negative sentiment among retail investors. Why right NOW is the time to be paying the MOST attention to #BTC and why interest in the crypto sector is only JUST getting started!!!

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⏰ *Timestamps:*
0:00 Intro
1:46 Bitcoin Analysis
2:00 BTC Spot ETP
3:50 BNY Mellon
5:58 Google x Coinbase
6:50 Bitcoin Analysis
13:43 BSC Hard Fork
14:34 Outro


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BITCOIN: This Is Getting OUT OF CONTROL!! MEGA WARNING FROM U.N!!!!! 🚨[death debt spiral]🚨

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Bitcoin ($BTC) will crash to $13,000 soon…(?)

Bitcoin $BTC, crashing to $13,000 soon? Major pattern is forming on the chart!

0:00 Introduction
0:47 Bitcoin $BTC analysis
2:07 DXY, why is USD pumping
4:16 Vauld pausing withdrawals, Nexo bailing out
6:10 What you can do?

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