Bitcoin Will Stay (Parody Video) – Michael Gu, GemmyW, Nate Dog (ft. ROn)

Bitcoin will Stay Parody Video

Bitcoin will stay, even tho you think it never would
Even the chart telling otherwise it never could
Know that I can find a store of value as good as you
I need you to pump, need you to pump hey

I get drunk, wake up, it’s dumping still
I realise the money I wasted here
I feel like you can’t feel the way I feel
I’ll be fucked up if you don’t start pumping

Terrara Terrara Terrara
I’ll be fucked up if you don’t start pumping

Zooming out that sucker never helped
Rug pulls everywhere ain’t fairy tale
DCA you fucking go to hell
All I wanna do is hit the ‘sell’

Ain’t no way that I can buy that bored ape
The market dump is helping lower birthrate
And you know that I know that you turn me to a cheapskate
So baby pump~

Bear market is a torture, i dunno what it means
Checked FTX in horror, fell to the floor and screamed
No more retiring early, i’ve lost my will to dream
Getting rekt by degen plays, rug pulls and ponzi schemes

You left me, so empty, transactions full of gas fee
I wanna set up stop loss order, but my pride won’t let me
I guess i gotta, stay focused there’s a lotta
Other projects to ‘look forward’ to like Luna and Solana

Producer: Gemmy
Lyrics & Arrangement by Gemmy
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