5 Coins that will GO UP 2x to 5x+ !!

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I want to make money investing in cryptocurrencies, just like most of the other people. I am more interested in increasing my Bitcoin holdings because my trash USD US Dollar fiat keeps losing buying power as the government hyper inflates our currency…. These are the 5 easy cryptocurrencies to buy that are likely to increase a lot in value in the future. I would consider this crypto coins my safe plays, these are coins I don’t lose any sleep holding long-term over night, sure Bitcoin and Ethereum will make you money, but we need a couple cryptocurrencies that could increase exponentially in market cap to try and get rich right? Dogecoin is everyone’s favorite coin, the peoples coin if you will, but how far can DOGE go this cycle? Liquid staking coins like LIDO are gaining huge interest and traction, and there are many other cryptocurrencies I personally like and am adding to my 2023 crypto portfolio!

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