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Hey ET Fam! I hope everyone’s week has been awesome. In the last video, I shared with you all my plans of turning $1M into $100M within the next seven years. This doesn’t happen without seeing around every corner in an effort to not be blindsided by any catastrophic events. That’s why today’s content will take the focus off of crypto for a brief moment. We’re going to talk about real estate and the looming crash that could be happening soon.

There have been alarms going off for months now, but not many are convinced that we should be too alarmed. However, real estate has been on an up only trend for quite some time now. As the saying goes, “what goes up, must come down.” With the state of the current economy, this would be an appropriate time for that quote to come to fruition.

How does this affect crypto? Well, if the 2008 housing crisis taught us anything, it taught us that a major collapse in real estate affects everything. Make sure you all stay locked in, because this is a situation that I will be monitoring closely. Talk to you all soon!

00:00 – Intro
01:08 – A global asset bubble of epic-proportions
02:52 – Home value change VS Income change
03:41 – China’s real estate crisis
05:04 – Crossing the line
06:17 – Housing is the business cycle
08:27 – Housing market weakness in 3 steps
10:20 – How long does it take to save for a house
11:33 – Covid housing party is coming to an end
13:14 – Outro

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