Reddit Collectible Avatars – Better than Ethereum NFTs?!

Reddit has always been accommodating of crypto and blockchain tech, but they have recently taken it a step further with the launch of official “avatar” NFTs, which live on the Polygon blockchain. What could this mean for crypto adoption?! Sub for more NFT news!

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When searching for information online, you may often find yourself using Reddit over the traditional Google search results – and this will likely continue to become the norm! Reddit has surged in popularity as a community-centric information platform, with a few experiments in crypto before! But now, they have officially launched their “Collectible Avatar” NFT system, based on the Polygon Matic blockchain. This means that millions of new users can be easily onboarded into the crypto ecosystem through the Reddit platform! Is this an exciting project that you can’t miss, or just another fad? Let’s take a look at how you can participate if you’d like to, and what the future of these Reddit NFTs could be!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 A new wave of Digital Collectibles!
00:41 Reddit’s first NFT launch
03:38 Get your own Reddit avatar
04:13 Reddit Community points are on the Mainnet
05:11 Reddit NFTs surge into Top 10!
06:21 Why are Reddit NFTs so successful?
07:27 The growth of Web 3.0
8:05 Taking a look at the news on NFTs
10:45 VoskCoin Reddit NFT review

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