Crypto Mining SUCKS now…

Crypto Mining SUCKS now…

Ethereum mining with graphics cards, and bitcoin mining with cheap bitcoin miners, and mini dogecoin and litecoin miners wow things used to be so different mining BTC ETH and other crypto coins, mining kind of sucks compared to how it used to be…

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Why Crypto Mining SUCKS Now!

Cryptocurrency mining is worse than it’s ever been. Mining profits are lower than they’ve been for years, and there have been huge changes to the mining ecosystem – none of which I think are any good. Is it really worth it to mine Bitcoin and other coins these days? Subscribe!

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Despite the worsening state of crypto mining, I am still choosing to build out a cryptocurrency mining farm on a 100 Acre plot. What is my motivation? You used to be able to mine so many more coins, and the market caps were so much lower – this all meant that if you were bullish on mining, whether GPU mining or ASIC mining, there was a lot of upside to make it worth your while. Today, decentralization is a thing of the past, and GPU mining is about to be destroyed once Ethereum moves away from Proof of Work mining. With ASIC miner manufacturers price gouging, coin prices way down, and a global recession, this all leads to huge uncertainty regarding crypto mining and the future of mineable Proof of Work coins.

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Is mining crypto still profitable?
02:40 Years ago you were mining a lot of coins!
03:52 The weaponization of gamers vs miners
04:30 Ethereum mining is coming to a end
05:38 GPU mining has become a different game
12:02 Does GPU mining still have a future?
13:07 ASIC mining is also getting worse
14:30 Bitcoin mining a safe option?
15:42 Building future crypto infrastructure
16:34 Mining rigs are way too expensive?
18:40 Electricity is getting really expensive
20:00 Mining sucks now but I love it

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