Are Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs actually a SCAM?

Are cryptocurrency mining rigs actually a scam? Often Bitcoin miners and other crypto miners boast huge returns, big passive income, and just earning easy money from home. However, ASIC miner manufacturers and even GPU manufacturers have done some incredibly shady things… Sub –

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Cryptocurrency ASIC producers are some of the worst companies on the market, hands down. From price gouging to exclusivity deals, crypto miners have had to deal with terrible business practices for years! With my experience of the Antminer D3 and how Bitmain polluted the mining landscape for the Dash cryptocurrency, could it be that they’re doing it once more? With Ethereum Classic being touted as the next best coin to mine, these new ETC mining rigs could make people millions, or they will leave many holding a nearly worthless paper weight. Today we’ll discuss the history of the ASIC world, as well as the dark underground of ASIC crypto miner manufacturers, and how they aim to rip you off and make as much money as they can from you!

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Crypto mining manufacturers are shady!
00:50 Why ASIC mining is popular
05:24 Bitmain & their evil business practices
08:19 Are ASIC manufacturers getting better?
13:40 Why I love ASIC mining
14:24 Update on the VoskCoin solar mining farm!
15:30 Are ASIC manufacturers trying to scam you?

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