Is The American Dream Dead? w/ Raoul Pal

Curious about Raoul’s thesis? This is by far one of his best videos where he lays out more than 3 decades of work and puts the puzzle together. Everything from World War I to the birth of the American Dream and how the hell did we end up in these crazy times.

In an interview that was recorded for the “What is Money?” show and podcast with @RobertBreedlove22, Raoul Pal ties together the golden thread for why our economic world and political world are where they are today, and then look at how this ties into the Exponential Age.

He then shifts to the new world and the Fourth Turning, “when society passes through a great and perilous gate in history”, and explains that the American Dream as we know it is dead, and a new world is emerging made up of robots, AI, and where there is no cost in producing energy.

Yet in this new world, Raoul imagines a world of hope and optimism, where new identities and communities are formed: the metaverse. “The Metaverse is discovering the Americas again or even a new Solar System.

TIMESTAMPS: (Shoutout to Leonard Leong for providing them!)
2:30 – History of human actions and unintended consequences
4:19 – The start
7:03 – Debasement
9:08 – Industrialization
10:00 – Fiat
15:31 – Pax Americana
21:30 – Productivity growth
25:35 – Wealth disparity
33:14 – Policy intervention
43:00 – Gold reserve
47:48 – International Monetary Fund (IMF)
59:30 – Labor participation rate
1:14:59 – Central bank policy
1:19:20 – Economic reality
1:23:45 – Government bonds
1:26:16 – Currency annihilation
1:30:00 – Counterparty risk
1:34:24 – Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC)
1:36:00 – Market actors
1:42:00 – Austrian view
1:43:55 – Population reduction
1:48:35 – Metaverse
1:51:00 – Inflationary pressure
1:52:41 – Cantillon effect
1:54:29 – Nation-state
2:07:44 – Value capture
2:09:00 – Singularity
2:10:38 – Identity
2:14:20 – Possibility
2:16:14 – Demographics
2:18:20 – Money

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