Top 5 Coins YOU NEED To Be Mining or at least that is what I tell myself! You can buy cryptocurrencies but mining crypto comes with some unique advantages other than just earning passive income, here are the best 5 coins to mine right now. Subscribe!

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There are thousands of cryptocurrencies, but coins you can mine are just something special and sure there’s big bad Bitcoin BTC but what about these other altcoins that when you pick the right ones… are much more profitable to mine, especially on a smaller scale, than bitcoin mining?!

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Are you mining CHIA cryptocurrency or Kadena KDA coin or Nervos Network CKB or Dogecoin DOGE and Litecoin LTC or simply Bitcoin BTC or uh, none?! Hopefully you aren’t heavily invested in Helium HNT iot lora miners like me lol

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00:00 Here are 5 Coins I’m Mining
1:00 Coin #1
3:02 Coin #2
3:37 The Best Miner for Coin #2
5:26 Coin #3
8:06 Coin #4
9:48 Coin #5

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