Antonio Garcia-Martinez is an author of best-selling book “Chaos Monkeys”, the Founder of “Spindle”, and was previously a product manager at Facebook.
In this conversation, we talk about American states going in opposite directions, why the people of Miami understand capitalism, what the tech industry gets right and what it gets wrong, user growth in the new digital age, going to Ukraine during the war, thoughts Balaji Srinivasan’s “Network State”, and “dying for the DAO”.

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0:00 – On This Episode..
0:30 – Miami & Embracing America
4:00 – Capitalism Is Celebrated In Miami
7:15 – Moving To The Midwest
9:30 – Florida & California Differences – How Miami Has Changed
14:00 – Changes In SF. Is It Over??
15:00 – Newsom & DeSantis
23:30 – Trump Machine Is Falling Apart?
26:30 – Rise Of Populism
29:30 – Elites & “Redneck Rich”
34:00 – Zelensky & Ukraine
39:30 – Would Americans React The Same If War Occurred In U.S.?
40:30 – Biggest Surprise When In Ukraine
51:00 – DAOs, The Nation State
56:00 – Developing New Cities, States, Religions
1:02:30 – Web3 & Crypto – Creating New Problems Out oF Existing Problems
1:07:00 – How Web2 Developed Apps & Marketed
1:10:30 – All-In Podcast
1:12:30 – Attribution Level Marketing
1:17:00 – Developing Web3 – Tribalism In Crypto
1:19:00 – Yield Farming
1:24:30 – What Web3 Is Missing Right Now
1:33:30 – ISIS Recruitment NFT
1:37:30 – Weaponizing Blockchains, Other Treats
1:40:30 – Bitcoin Ethos Matches America
1:45:30 – We Are No Longer A Frontier Society
1:50:30 – Censorship, Content Moderation – Our Andrew Tate Interview Got Taken Down
1:56:30 – 18 Year Olds Excited About Web3 & American Dynamism – Not Tech Companies
2:00:00 – Rise Of Independent Media, Education
2:04:30 – American Politics Engaged In Meme Warfare
2:06:00 – Self-Censorship