Ethereum Mining is Dead…

Ethereum mining is DEAD, Ethereum is no longer mineable and Ethereum has created one of the biggest waves of e-waste we have ever seen. What does no more ETH mining mean for Ethereum, other mineable coins, and cryptocurrency as a whole? Sub!

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After more than six years, the Ethereum devs finally made the Merge a reality. This means that Ethereum mining has now officially come to an end – there is no more mining of the Ethereum $ETH coin. Although there have been many forks and new coins emerging to capitalize on this switch, Ethereum will never be mineable again. This is a momentous occurrence for cryptocurrency as a whole, as there is now only one major mineable coin left standing – Bitcoin. Mining Ethereum was what got me into cryptocurrency over five years ago, so I am naturally very sad to see it go – but what does it mean for the crypto and mining ecosystem? Today I want to go over what I think about the end of Ethereum mining, as well as how I’m personally taking steps to avoid getting burnt by other coins while building out a $100k+ cryptocurrency mining farm!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Ethereum is no longer mineable
01:32 Why I love GPU mining!
03:02 The Merge will generate a TON of E-waste!
04:25 ETH 2.0 is centralized!?
05:25 What will happen to ETH miners now?
07:38 Building in the crypto space is hard!
08:38 What I’d love from the ETH devs

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