Will the US Default on Its Debt? Circle Ditches Treasuries and Tether Buys BTC

Oh the irony. For most of the last few years, the US political establishment has been concerned about the risk that stablecoins might have for the mainstream financial system. This year, however, it’s been the mainstream financial system wreaking havoc on stablecoins. On today’s episode, NLW discusses Circle’s move from longer-dated Treasuries to repo agreements, as well as Tether’s new Bitcoin purchase plan.

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More downside for Bitcoin? Warning signs despite major BTC milestone

Is there more downside for Bitcoin (BTC) ahead? There are two warning signs that might indicate risk to Bitcoin’s relatively strong 2023.
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0:00 Welcome to Crypto Over Coffee!
0:20 More downside for BTC? Two warnings
0:56 Warning #1
2:53 Warning #2
5:20 One positive Bitcoin milestone
5:51 My prediction for BTC and crypto markets
6:29 Major Ethereum Layer-2 gets a HUGE upgrade
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9:05 This Ripple vs. SEC update is weird
11:58 404: The SEC names 37 crypto projects as securities
15:04 Keyp announces โ€œGame Walletโ€ for crypto
16:49 Did Ledger really put user funds at risk? Watch to find out

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Crypto News: Bitcoin, ETH Update, Fed, AI Wars & MORE!!

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0:00 Intro
1:35 Crypto Market Uncertainty
4:38 Ethereum Unstaking Testnet
7:46 Crypto Regulations Incoming
10:54 Google vs. Microsoft
14:07 US Debt Default
16:39 Ben Cowen Crypto Analysis
28:16 Outro


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