Layer Zero Airdrop Alert! Layer Zero Airdrop Eligibility Guide

Many people are focused on Layer 2 cryptocurrencies like Arbitrum ARB, but Layer 0 and their incoming Zero token airdrop is probably the next big blockchain in cryptocurrency. Many crypto users have already used Layer Zero and didn’t even know it! Here’s how to try to become eligible for the next big crypto airdrop! Buy the best mining rig in 2023 here –

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Ethereum is failing to scale, just today I wasted $40 of ETH on a single transaction so Ethereum scaling solutions like Layer Zero really interest me. Layer 0 is a huge airdrop hunt, but it’s also just really useful blockchain technology for example we are already using Layer Zero when we are bridging cryptocurrencies across blockchains with Stargate Bridge powered by their STG tokens. Let’s review what is Layer Zero, how to use Layer Zero and how to hunt this Layer 0 crypto airdrop!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 What are the different Layers of EVM crypto?
01:33 Layer 0 doing an airdrop?
03:12 What is Layer 0?
04:17 Using Stargate Finance on Layer 0
06:27 How to get the STG token?
07:33 Staking the STG token
09:07 How to increase your probability to get the airdrop
10:30 The Stargate finance Token and different protocols
13:11 Layer zero is a way to bridge and trade between different layer 2 protocols
14:00 Different Arbitrary Messaging Bridges
15:15 The Layer0 ecosystem
17:00 Using Rage trade or not
18:00 Venus adding omnichain support
18:46 OmniDoge Tails

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