The BIGGEST Crypto Launch This Year!? Aptos or CRAPtos?

Aptos launched its own blockchain and token – but is it worth your time? Is this the next top Ethereum killer, making it into the Top 50 cryptocurrencies in a few days!? Let’s do a deep dive on Aptos and their $APT token. Sub!

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With an absolutely explosive launch, Aptos and the $APT token skyrocketed to the top 100 cryptocurrencies in a matter of days, with a market cap now over $1 Billion! What’s going for this new kid on the crypto block(chain)? Hunting for cryptocurrency airdrops is something that has made me well over $100k in free airdrops – is the Aptos blockchain on my radar for airdrop hunting, as new dApps build and expand onto their platform? Today we’ll look at Aptos, their explosive launch, and the potential future for this new blockchain — Aptos, is Aptos worth it? and a prediction about the future of the APT token.

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Where did Aptos come from?
00:50 Why is the $APT market cap more than a billion dollars?
01:31 Who is behind Aptos?
02:49 Aptos Launch
03:35 Make money with Aptos airdrops?
05:16 Is PancakeSwap on Aptos?
06:10 Is this Facebook/Meta’s blockchain?
07:55 Aptos raised $400 million dollars!
08:20 How to buy Aptos $APT tokens?
09:20 What can you do on the Aptos blockchain?
10:20 WAptos Tokenomics
11:20 What kind of dApps are on Aptos?

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