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Everyone wants to make money with cryptocurrency but its easier said than done, so how do you make money? Buying a coin and holding it, hoping it goes up, sure, but there are other ways to earn money like passive income earning through cryptocurrency mining. Many new crypto miners just came back in stock but to be honest not all of them may be worth buying… NFTs continue to be minted, but whats the next big NFT collection? Gamefi, metaverse, and new tokens, big buzz words but also interesting investment opportunities, lets review the latest crypto news including an exciting cryptocurrency airdrop you can still become eligible for!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Massive airdrop and huge miner restock
01:02 Optimism airdrop
02:44 Bitcoin decoupling from stock market?
03:14 Elon Musk Vs Jackson Palmer
03:47 Ted Cruz supporting crypto
05:08 Hunger Games producer to touch web3
05:50 Most profitable miners right now
08:36 Goldshell huge miners restock
10:42 Internet can’t take jokes anymore?
11:41 New upcoming NFT projects in crypto
18:24 NFT performance in current market
19:29 Gitcoin grant round 14 incoming

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