Celsius Crypto Lending Ponzi Bankruptcy just got WORSE!

Celsius went bankrupt long before the FTX contagion began to spread – but amidst the most recent collapse, what is in store for their clients who are still owed money? Unfortunately, the FTX bankruptcy is even more bad news for Celsius crypto users… Subscribe – https://voskco.in/sub

Direct link to Celsius – https://celsius.network/
If you were impacted by Celsius, file a claim here – https://case.stretto.com/celsius/file-a-claim
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Many people trusted crypto lending apps over the past year. Of those that did, 1.7 million were scammed by Celsius and their crypto Ponzi. From a dodgy CEO to an even dodgier executive, the writing was on the wall for Celsius from the beginning. With FTX and Alameda having come crashing down, the contagion has reached the Celsius bankruptcy filing as well. How will this affect those who lost crypto upon Celsius collapsing earlier this year? What is in store for the crypto space? Let’s find out.

My painful personal experience with this recent cryptocurrency crash – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sf7a46KhHAA

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Celsius try to get their reorganization plan extended amidst bankruptcy – https://www.coindesk.com/policy/2022/11/10/bankrupt-crypto-lender-celsius-files-motion-to-extend-submission-time-for-reorganization-plan/
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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 What happened to crypto lender Celsius?
00:51 1.7 million people got scammed!
01:01 Alex Mashinsky the CEO of Celsius
01:45 Celsius scandals
02:32 How FTX affected Celsius’ bankruptcy
03:25 Crypto bankruptcy is complicated
05:03 Celsius shareholders are denied Committee
06:37 Celsius will turn their debt into a new coin?
07:44 The Claims market and how that works!
08:28 How taxes work on a bankrupt crypto lender?

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