Governments are CRACKING DOWN on Bitcoin, Crypto, and Mining!

Cryptocurrency and crypto mining offers the average person the opportunity to make life-changing wealth. But it seems the governments don’t want that to happen – will crypto regulation force all of us to give up on dreams of riches or even simply financial freedom and non-inflatable currency? Subscribe! –

Governments are cracking down on Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and especially bitcoin crypto mining – but how have the US government been approaching it? With various states cracking down on Bitcoin mining and some outright banning it, it’s easy to see that it’s not looking good for crypto miners. The energy usage of mining has always been a contested topic, but even more so now with various pushes towards a more “green” future. Let’s break down some of the most recent crypto mining regulation news, and see how it can affect us as crypto miners in the long and short term.

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Mining gets a wary eye from the government
01:03 US cracking down on Bitcoin miners?
03:47 American County shuts down Bitcoin mining!
06:05 Sweden favors steel over Bitcoins
06:48 Bitcoin miners dumping their holdings?
09:24 Who says Bitcoin mining needs to be profitable?
11:01 Putin bans crypto payments in Russia
11:20 China holding 22% of current Bitcoin mining?

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