Should YOU Mine Sh#tcoins? Altcoins? Or Just Bitcoin or… NONE?!

Cryptocurrency mining has become more and more popular over the years – with speculative crypto mining also seeing a rise in popularity as people try to mine the next Ethereum. But should we just stick to mining Bitcoin or is BTC mining not worth the electricity anymore either?..

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Mining cryptocurrencies can be an amazing way to earn passive income! Although prices have trended down, there are still a lot of crypto mining rigs that make more money than they burn in electricity – which means they’re profitable! But what about mining less valued, more obscure cryptocurrencies that very few know about? If that coin moons, then your stash could change your life! Today we’ll go over what speculative mining is, whether or not I’d recommend it for a mining farm deployment, as well as what I’m planning on mining on my $100k+ crypto mining farm!

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 What’s the best coin to mine?
01:26 Why most cryptocurrencies suck!
04:00 Spec mining on a mining farm?
05:53 Is crypto mining even worth it?
07:02 Why I love crypto mining!
08:29 The next Ethereum?

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