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There’s some good news and some bad news. We’ve got the latest crypto updates on the chip industry, the status of bitcoin mining reserves, some new data centers, lending pools, and new liquid mining tech. We’ll also review updates on Bitmain’s latest BTC, KDA, LTC, and DOGE miners, including their Bitcoin Miner S19 Hydro. We’ll also talk about Luxor’s current projected hash price charts, which project the amount of 1 Terahash of value. We’ve been in a bear market for almost a year now, are these indicators we’re at the bottom? Let’s review it!

📑 Crypto News 📑
Bitcoin Mining Reserves are at a 12-Year Low:
Chip Industry Update:
BTC Miner Starts Mining Farm in Paraguay:
Argo Sells 3,400 Antminer S19’s to raise $7M:
BTC Mining Software Overhaul – Stratum V2:
Luxor BTC Mining Derivative?:
More Revenue Options for BTC Miners:
Binance Launches $500M Lending Pool:
Maple Finance Aims to Be Shopify of Crypto:
Maple Finance Alameda Launch Defi Syndicate Loan:
Coal Mining Waste Powering a BTC Mine?
Skype Co-Founder Raises $13M in Liquid Cooling Tech:
BTC Miner S19 Hydro at Bitmain:

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Latest Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Mining News
00:41 Bitcoin mining reserve is at its lowest
02:15 Global chip industry update
03:19 Bitcoin miner expands
04:19 Argo blockchain in trouble
05:24 Bitcoin network is getting the first update in over a decade
06:58 Luxor unveils derivative for Bitcoin
07:24 Three Ways to earn passive income with Bitcoin
10:04 Binance launches $500M lending pool for Bitcoin miners
11:28 Mining Bitcoin from coal mine waste
11:58 Skype co-founder invests $13M in liquid cooling tech
12:28 Bitcoin Mining Price Projections
13:38 Luxor Bitcoin hash price analysis

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