China vs. US & Taiwan: A Real RISK?! What This War Game Tells Us!!

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The War Game:
Taiwan Relations Act:
ASML Machine:
Ban Imports:
Semi Conductor Dependence:
Semi Conductor Shortage:
Morris Chang Said:
US Pressures Dutch:
IP Theft:


0:00 Intro
1:04 Background to Crisis
5:06 Taking Over Taiwan’s Manufacturers
9:08 War Game Design
11:09 How It Played Out
17:13 Strained Relations
20:13 Implications


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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 The Bitcoin bear market is over??
00:50 Nancy Pelosi 3Xs her annual salary!
01:23 BTC holds a 5-week high?
02:05 The bubble
03:50 Will meme coins be back stronger?
05:30 Vitalik dumping Shiba Inu
07:10 Ethereum merge update
07:43 CryptoPunks still selling for $2.6M!
08:26 Bitcoin POW vs POS
09:25 Compass Mining announces expansion
10:15 Final Fantasy NFTs in Polkadot
11:23 Good News overall this week!

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