NEO Dogecoin Miner is the latest SCAM Mining Rig by MXC and MatchX

NEO Dogecoin Miner is the latest SCAM Cryptocurrency Mining Rig by MXC and MatchX. I used to earn $12 a day mining MXC with my MatchX M2 Pro miner, which they said would also be able to mine Bitcoin.. enter the scammy ponzinomic MXC Neo Matchx miner.. Buy THIS mining rig instead –

Learn more about MatchX and MXC miners –
Seriously read this thread before you buy a MatchX MXC miner…
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MXC was supposed to be IoT internet of things and then pivoted to being a metaverse token, web 3.0, and of course MXC is pivoting towards being an AI token now lol but yeah they made a bitcoin miner that could also mine MXC their token but only consume ~5 watts of electricity vs a genuine Bitcoin mining rig that consumes over 3,000 watts of electricity… now they are hitting the market with the MatchX NEO miner boasting MXC and Dogecoin DOGE dual mining.. let’s see how they plan to keep this miner scam ponzi scheme going.

Direct link to the MatchX NEO mining rig –

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 A new silent, profitable miner?
01:05 What is the MXC Neo miner?
02:58 Can you mine Doge with 1 Watt?
05:09 MXC ponzinomics & pivots
07:57 Why I believe the MatchX Neo is a scam
12:05 The MatchX Neo fake miner

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