BTC Mining Farms are DUMPING on YOU and Ethereum Mining is getting CRAZY…

Bitcoin mining farms make BTC anti-fragile, and thus more valuable, but miners are now dumping more Bitcoin than they’re even currently mining… and what’s going on with Ethereum mining in 2022?! Sub –

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Because Bitcoin mining profitability right now is so much lower than it was last year, instead of mining and selling BTC some mining farms are mining energy credits instead. Riot Blockchain, a massive Bitcoin mining farm, and publicly traded stock RIOT made more money mining energy credits instead of mining Bitcoins last month?! How are Bitcoin mining farms adapting to a global recession with bearish conditions making it less profitable to mine Bitcoin AND more expensive to be mining BTC? Ethereum historically is the most profitable coin to mine, more money is made mining Ethereum than even Bitcoin but ETH is moving to Ethereum 2.0 and will be no longer mineable soon. This will ruin GPU mining and GPU mining will not be profitable at all, leading to the cheapest graphics cards in recent history. However, there’s a new project trying to save Ethereum mining and no, it is NOT Ethereum Classic ETC; it is ETHPoW. ETH PoW is simply a proof of work mining-focused Ethereum blockchain, or really just the Ethereum chain as if ETH 2.0 and the ETH merge never happens. Bitmain, the biggest ASIC miner manufacturer in the world and largest Ethereum miner producer (other than Nvidia and AMD with their graphics cards), has released the Bitmain Antminer E9. The Bitmain Antminer E9 is the best Ethereum miner ever, but you’d be an idiot to buy one as Ethereum will no longer be mineable soon, and Bitmain is betting on their customers not knowing that. Bitmain continues to make the best ASIC miners all while being one of the biggest scams in the cryptocurrency sector

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03:23 How are BTC miners surviving the bear market?
06:30 ETH PoW Hard Fork coming soon
08:43 Are mining pools doomed after ETH 2.0?
11:24 Bitmain scamming customers with E9
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