Are ASIC Miners the BEST way to Earn Money Mining Cryptocurrencies?

Are ASIC miners really the best way to be earning money mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin? ASIC miners are specialized computers that only mine crypto, they are oftentimes as powerful as 100 or more GPUs?! Subscribe!

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I’m building out a $100k+ crypto mining farm, powered almost entirely with ASIC miners! But are they really the best way to mine crypto? With Ethereum’s Merge having successfully taken place, it is sad to see the empty space left where GPU mining used to fill. It seems like ASIC mining is now the only viable way to profitably mine cryptocurrency – but what are the benefits of using these highly-specialized machines? Many in the crypto space are against the use of ASIC miners, so let’s take a look at what the pros of mining with ASICs are and find out if you should grab a miner for yourself!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 The Pros of ASIC Miners!
01:20 How to invest in Bitcoin infrastructure & ecosystem
03:16 What cryptos have committed to mining?
05:54 The Apollo FutureBit BTC Miner – What are BTC Nodes?
08:08 Some ASIC Miner Manufacturers Suck
09:54 ASIC Miners Give Good Exposure to Crypto
10:55 What about Hybrid Blockchains?

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How you can earn $44 a day in passive income EASY

How you can earn $44 a day in passive income EASY

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How I Am Earning $44 a day in Passive Income doing NOTHING!

Here is what I am using to earn $44 a day in passive income doing nothing and how you can do it too if you’d like to!

Mining cryptocurrencies is easy, but its not cheap to get into and mining profitability varies wildly from bitcoin to ethereum to kadena and even on these respective coins how much you earn per day mining varies by mining rig and your electricity cost!

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