WTF Is Web 5?! Is This The End of Web 3.0?!

Jack Dorsey and his team announced that they’re working on Web5? What does this mean for Web3? Also, crypto miners in stock, the crypto law bill is here, and make money walking?! Today we have some insane crypto news, so sub to VoskCoin for the best crypto content!

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What is Web 5?! Is it really the end of the Web 3.0 revolution? Let’s take an in-depth look at what Web 5 is and how it might affect your favorite Web 3 projects. Despite the current market conditions, crypto mining is still a profitable way to make extra income – and crypto miners are coming back into stock! Today we’ll look at mining, the crypto bill, Web 5 and how to make money with NFTs!?

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Web5 market updates and much more
01:21 US crypto bill update
01:59 Web3 is dead and here comes Web5
05:17 NFT gaming to the masses with Google sign-in
08:39 NFT app that pays you to exercise
12:24 Best miner to buy right now
15:04 Update on my crypto compound

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