This is NOT a Helium Miner?! Wicrypt Spider & Lynx Review

Helium mining took the world by storm with its shared IoT network – now, Wicrypt seeks to utilize hotspots to create an internet sharing network that rewards you for providing data with their hotspot miners! Are these Wicrypt miners worth it? Subscribe!

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Mining cryptocurrency from your home is a great way to earn passive income without having to do anything! Wicrypt wants to take it a step further and allow you to share your internet connection and mine while doing so. This can be a great opportunity for countries who experience load shedding or have power shortages, but is it worth it? Today let’s take a look at their two devices, the Lynx and the Spider, and find out how to set them up to earn passive income mining crypto. Wicrypt’s WNT token is still very small, but could that mean it has a lot of potential? Let’s find out!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 This project has staking, mining and NFTs?!
01:12 Helium mining vs Wicrypt mining
03:00 Is this project the next Helium?
04:47 How to mine Wicrypt?
05:43 Wicrypt Lynx and Spider miners
07:42 Setting up the Wicrypt miners
09:52 WNT Token
10:27 Biggest concern with Wicrypt miners
12:30 Wicrypt Explorer
13:00 Staking the WNT token
14:23 WNT Tokenomics & Rewards
15:24 Should you buy a Wicrypt miner?
17:22 Wicrypt Miners review

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