Earning Passive Income with Two Mining Rigs, A MISTAKE?!

Is this mini mining rig worth it for earning passive income mining in my house? The Goldshell KDBox Pro Kadena (KDA) ASIC Miner is one of the most profitable miners. However is it worth buying two of these mini ASIC miners right now? or a Kadena miner at all? Sub to VoskCoin! http://voskco.in/Sub

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We got two Goldshell KDBox Pro Kadena (KDA) ASIC Miners! …Just in time for the market to dump. Is this going to be a decision we regret? Or will we see a huge crypto ROI? Today we are reviewing the mining profitability of the KD-Box Pro, how much it makes after electric costs, and how long it will take to ROI with the current market. Check out our review and some helpful resources for setting up your KDA miner with some of the links below!

How to Set Up ASIC Miner – https://youtu.be/8XNQ4lP7PIc
How to Set Up Electricity for Mining – https://youtu.be/eZi_yx_koXc
KD Box Pro Review – https://youtu.be/p4XYpXQJ6k0
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Watch our review of the BEST Doge miner – https://youtu.be/cf8xcVfwfzs
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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Is this $5000 miner worth it?
01:19 The Goldshell KD-BOX pro update
02:27 What mining pool should you use for mining KDA Kadena
03:33 Where to buy the KD-BOX Pro
04:08 What will the Kadena ($KDA) price be?
05:33 Price gouging and miner pricing
07:07 Sourcing miners and not having electricity?
08:33 The solar mining farm is taking form!
09:02 Fastminers FM K-300 DO NOT BUY – why?
11:40 How to make money while mining in a bear market
13:08 What crypto am I buying right now and in the future?
14:00 When will miners be cheaper?
14:30 The most profitable mini miner right now?
15:25 How much passive income do these miners make?

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