Arbitrum Beginners Guide! The BEST Ethereum Layer 2?!

Is the Arbitrum blockchain the best Layer 2 blockchain you can be using right now? If you’re still not using Arbitrum, then this is the guide for you! From getting some coins on-chain to making passive income on Arbitrum, let’s take a look into this exciting blockchain! Don’t forget to sub!

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With Ethereum approaching the Merge, it seems that Layer 2 cryptocurrencies have been booming! It is extremely disappointing to know that despite all the hype around ETH 2.0 and the Merge, it will NOT solve the high gas fees on Ethereum, which can sometimes cost over $10, with previous highs 10X that! Layer 2 blockchains help alleviate those gas fees! Today we’ll go through Arbitrum in particular, an exciting blockchain that has consistently been top of the Layer 2 leaderboard – and which has significantly lower gas fees than ETH! This means you can get involved in many projects and get your coins working for you easier!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Arbitrum Full Beginner’s guide!
01:04 How to bridge coins to Arbitrum
03:55 How to add Arbitrum to MetaMask
05:01 Using a DEX on Arbitrum
06:07 Exploring the Arbitrum ecosystem
09:02 Arbitrum dApps
11:46 Arbitrum Nitro upgrade feat. FTX!
12:30 Trading on GMX on Arbitrum
17:07 Why use the Arbitrum blockchain?
18:48 VoskCoin Arbitrum guide

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