This Could Be the First Crypto Bank!

What if you merged a bank with a cryptocurrency? Let’s take a look at this project who will be the first bank to run off of its own Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) blockchain. Subscribe!

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GaloBank is looking to be the first blockchain bank that will have its own EVM chain. Their goals are to have fast and low-cost transactions, international accessibility, integration with debit cards, and regulatory compliance. Galo Bank is still just getting started. They have their own ICO and token sale going on right now. Galo has also completed a KYC and audit with Cognitos. Let’s take a deep dive into Galo, their project goals, tokenomics, usability, team, and presale information.

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Is this the first crypto bank?
00:39 Galobank is the first bank with a blockchain
01:29 How to buy GALO on the Galochain
03:20 Galobank audit & team 04:34
GALO tokenomics
07:05 What is the GALO token used for?
09:12 Galochain explorer & transactions
10:19 Galobank roadmap & app
11:46 VoskCoin Galobank review

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