This Miner Earns $67 PER DAY but uh what's the catch?!

This mining rig is one of the most profitable miners you can buy right now, it earns $67 per day and only costs $11 per day to run when you are mining out of your house. So what’s the catch, why isn’t everyone getting crazy rich mining cryptocurrency? Subscribe!

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Please understand that Ethereum is not supposed to be mineable in two weeks, and this miner costs more than a down payment on some houses, do your own research but running the numbers its incredibly risky betting against the Ethereum 2.0 merge and buying more ETH ASIC miners.

The ForestMiner EPU 1-C is by far one of the biggest, heaviest, and loudest miners I’ve ever had in my cryptocurrency mining farm (aside from the PandaMiner). But this ETH miner has also been one of the most profitable, pulling in $67 of passive income per day! Ethereum has consistently been the most profitable coin to mine since its inception, even more so than Bitcoin mining; however, Ethereum devs have been set on moving away from Proof of Work mining for years. With the ETH merge so close, what will happen to Ethereum miners like this? This miner makes mining Ethereum sound appealing, but with the Ethereum merge coming, it may not be profitable for long. Let’s take a look at how profitable this miner is, how much ETH I’m making per day, and whether I would recommend the Forestminer EPU 1-C.

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00:00 This mines $67 a day?
01:20 Ethereum mining and its problems
02:30 The Forest miner
03:33 Setting up the Forest miner
07:41 Forest miner specs
10:32 ETH and ETC mining stats
11:24 How much does this miner make?
14:44 Is the Forest miner worth it?

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