I'm Making $60 A Month With HARDDRIVES!

I am earning $60 a month AFTER expenses using my harddrives! Computer hard drives are cheap and plentiful, any sized HDDs can be used. I am mining Chia with the Evergreen Miner, a plug and play HDD mining rig! Buy the best mining rig of 2023 here – https://voskco.in/egm

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I am chasing financial freedom and earning passive income is the way I am trying to achieve that. I have been thinking about getting back into HDD mining for years, but harddrive mining is not always easy… Evergreen miner has created a plug and play hard drive mining rig, this HDD miner even has an app which makes it easy to start mining CHIA which is the most popular and profitable coin to mine with harddrives. The CHIA cryptocurrency is the 5th most profitable coin to mine in the world, only 4 spots behind Bitcoin BTC mining according to miningpoolstats. Let’s review the Evergreen miner, which actually is shaping up to be the best mining rig to buy in 2023!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 What is the best way to earn passive income?
01:11 What have I learned while crypto mining?
02:11 Is chia mining profitable?
03:00 Is Evergreen a good Chia miner?
03:40 How to set up an evergreen chia miner?
05:00 What kind of chia miner should I buy?
06:33 Is harddrive mining efficient?
07:22 Chia coin prices
08:22 What kind of blockchain is chia?
10:22 Enterprise edition HDD mining rig
11:29 How does Hashrate work on Chia?
13:50 Stackable and smart design
16:30 Easy to use and expandable mining?

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