How To Make Billions And Then Give It All Away | David Rubenstein

David Rubenstein is a billionaire and one of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors in the world. In this episode, David talks to Anthony Pompliano about his life story and his lessons learned, including his decision making framework, how he choses an asset classes, the Crypto revolution, advice to young people, and more.

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0:00 – On This Episode..
0:04 – How To Make Good Decisions
2:10 – Decision Making Framework
5:00 – Reading Books
7:05 – Quality Of Conversation Driven By Quality Of Questions
11:50 – Exploring Different Perspectives Of People’s Lives
12:55 – Pros & Cons Of Large Amount Of Podcasts/Interviews
17:40 – Downsides Of Fame
18:35 – Peers That David Talks To For Advice
21:55 – *Eight Sleep – Improve Your Sleep Now!
22:40 – How To Check In On Philanthropic Work Progress
23:30 – Building Buildings
25:10 – How The Carlyle Group Chose Investment Asset Classes
29:10 – How The News Affects Investments
31:00 – Decline Of U.S. Compared To Other Civilizations
33:00 – Central Banks Role In Investment Decisions
37:00 – Using Fed Data vs. Modern Tech (Zillow, Square)
39:30 – Bringing Manufacturing & Supply Chains Back To U.S.
42:45 – Investment Sectors David Is Exciting About
45:30 – Bitcoin & Crypto
40:10 – *Ledger – Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins!*
48:15 – What Makes This Young Generation Different
53:45 – Internet Created Worldwide Talent
57:00 – Family Owned Businesses Are Disappearing
58:30 – Starting A Family Office In 2022
1:00:30 – Understanding Employee Motivations
1:05:00 – Not Drinking Alcohol
1:08:00 – Life Advice To Young People – Power Of Persuasion*
1:12:45 – How To Focus
1:17:00 – Critical Thinking
1:18:00 – Achieving Happiness
1:19:00 – David’s Book – Where To Get It