Bitcoin Ordinals Could MAKE or BREAK Bitcoin, Seriously.

NFTs are on Bitcoin…but not on purpose. Ordinals have made BTC blocks bigger than ever, and they could potentially change Bitcoin forever. Bitcoin ordinals are infuriating BTC developers and enriching Bitcoin miners. Let’s review what Bitcoin Ordinals are and how to mint an NFT on the Bitcoin blockchain! Earn passive incoming mining crypto!

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Tails is an NFT!

The latest Bitcoin update allows users to mint NFTs on Bitcoin, and that’s never been done before. Bitcoin Ordinals may change Bitcoin forever and people are striking fast. Yuga Labs, the company behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs, is already planning to launch a Bitcoin NFT collection of its own. Today we’re going to review what BTC Ordinals are, how they are changing the cryptocurrency space, how they affect miners, and how to mint an NFT on Bitcoin using Gamma. Ordinals have drastically changed Bitcoin block sizes, making it more profitable to mine.

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Miners made nearly $600k from Ordinals –

00:00 Bitcoin has NFT’s now!
01:03 Yuga Labs already launching BTC NFTs!
01:40 Bitcoin NFTs are Ordinals
02:49 What are Ordinals? Where to buy them?
05:11 How to mint a BTC Ordinal NFT
09:05 Why BTC NFTs are already causing issues!
11:19 What Ordinals mean for Bitcoin mining profits
13:02 What this could mean for Bitcoin

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