Is Collapse NEXT after COLLAPSE of FTX?!

CryptoCom shares many similarities to FTX, but do they have the same risk of insolvency? Kris Marzalek the leader of much like SBF was the leader of FTX, states they’re fine, just like Sam Bankman-Fried did… Let’s review if is safe in 2023 from FTX contagion. Subscribe –

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FTX and the contagion surrounding their explosive collapse has left everyone in the crypto space wary of centralized exchanges and crypto lending programs. Many have fallen victim to the contagion, including BlockFi, Genesis, and Gemini Earn among others. The question everybody has though – is CryptoCom the next to fall? How have they managed to stay above all of the imploding collapses? Let’s take a look at where they have come from, what their leadership is like, and whether or not they can be trusted in this time of crisis.

My painful personal experience with this recent cryptocurrency crash –

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Is CryptoCom the next exchange to fall?
00:48 VoskCoin history with CryptoCom
01:51 What is CryptoCom?
03:06 CryptoCom CEOs shady past
06:27 CryptoCom coin – MCO, CRO, Cronos
07:59 CryptoCom Visa card issues
09:26 Why CZ doesn’t trust CryptoCom
11:18 Over $1B lost on Cronos blockchain?
12:44 Will CryptoCom survive this crash?

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