Cryptocurrency Will BEAT You Down

Losing money investing in cryptocurrency can really take its toll on you, physically, and financially. Bitcoin is supposed to be an inflation-hedge, and yet inflation is up, and Bitcoin is down, to be honest crypto is beating the crap out of me right now. Subscribe?

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Nobody just “knows” how to be a great crypto investor or trader – it’s a skill that you have to develop. The importance of having a long-term focus is vital, especially having a proper mindset while navigating the crypto market. If you can find your interest in crypto, whether that’s crypto charts, mining, NFTs, the metaverse, or whatever it could be, it has to be deeper than just “making money!” Many people in crypto aren’t passionate enough, and it’s not something that can be forced. Crypto is genuinely an endless onslaught of information, but it can burn you out if you don’t pace yourself. Let’s take a look at some ways you can protect yourself to ensure you stick around long enough to make money with crypto and not sell the bottom of the cryptocurrency market!

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00:00 Crypto will beat you down
03:05 The crypto journey
04:15 The mindset to survive crypto
04:59 Find what interests you
08:53 Crypto is stressful
11:07 Impact of crypto on your life
13:25 Everything has a cost

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