7 Things You NEED To KNOW as a Crypto Investor!

CoinGecko recently released their 2nd Quarter 2022 Crypto Report – and let’s just say it’s exactly as we expected. With so many projects liquidated and bankrupt, what is the outlook for crypto right now? How will this news affect your crypto holdings? Sub for more! http://voskco.in/Sub

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Q2 of 2022 was a rough few months for all crypto investors – myself included. Many skeletons in many closets were revealed, and the “trash was taken out” as many like to say. With such immense losses across the board, what are the actual statistics? The catastrophic collapse of Terra Luna and the associated crypto projects has had a dramatic impact on everything – from Total Value Locked to coin prices. What crypto projects are thriving regardless? Which coins have done the best throughout the year? This urgent report covers all of this and more!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 7 of the most important things that happened in cryptocurrency
00:59 Terra-ble quarter for stablecoins
02:40 Terra’s Fallout and bETH contagion
04:56 Three Arrows Capital facing liquidation!
06:27 Defi’s dominance continued eroding!
07:41 Terra Implode, new contenders arise
09:14 OpenSea’s dominance slips
10:27 Monthly trading volume for Q2 2022 was averaging below $100B
12:04 US antitrust sues Facebook from monopolizing the Metaverse
12:53 Meta’s loses $2.8 Billion
13:15 Meta stock sinks!
13:30 Bitcoin mining stocks pump!
14:11 Time attack on Gridlife!

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