Cardano: Can ADA Survive The Bear Market?! Where To From Here?

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0:00 Intro
0:43 Vasil, Anniversary, Voltaire
4:20 Scotfest, Cardano Summit, Djed
7:56 Ardana, Orbis Protocol
11:56 ADA Price Analysis
16:38 Cardano Roadmap
21:00 Cardano Concerns
23:44 Cardano vs. SEC?


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CARDANO NEWS: This new Cardano project is a GAMECHANGER!

Hashoshi brings the latest Cardano news about a powerful new project from the creator of Unsigned Algorithms, Alexander Watanabe. Guchi is a platform that allows Cardano users to express both ends of sentiment related to Cardano NFTs, bullish or bearish, in a trade on a decentralized market. In other words, Guchi lets bears short a Cardano NFT’s floor price and bulls counterbalance that trade. Guchi is designed as a noise-cutting market that lets those bearish on a given Cardano NFT the opportunity to put their money with their mouth is and express that in the open market. There are some interesting side effects of a platform like this that Cardano ADA holders will want to hear about…

Check out Guchi:

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⏰ // Timestamps // ⏰
0:00 Welcome Alexander Watanabe!
0:46 What is Guchi, the new Cardano project?
3:15 Guchi enables shorts on Cardano NFTs
5:52 Does Cardano’s design uniquely enable this?
9:00 β€œPut your money where your mouth is”
12:43 Fixing the broken NFT markets
16:10 Guchi puts another person on the seesaw
17:46 How Guchi works
23:51 The incentives in Guchi
27:15 DEMO
31:27 Open-sourcing on Cardano
34:14 Collaborating with Cardano NFT exchanges
36:14 Cardano offers unique capabilities
39:28 Guchi launch and looking ahead


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