Mint an NFT that Earns Ethereum? POWR UP Review

Ethereum mining is no longer available through GPUs or ASIC miners. But this project hopes to build a yield platform through NFTs that claims it’ll earn its holders Ethereum. Let’s review the EMP Money POWR UP NFT! Subscribe –

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The recent drama surrounding FTX and SBF have left many crypto investors lost and upset with the situation. Centralized entities have proven to us that they cannot be trusted and should not be trusted with our coins. The only solution is DeFi and smart contracts – code that can be audited by others to verify its authenticity. EMP Money has been audited by 0xGuard, but does this add legitimacy to their project? What are they trying to accomplish and how do they plan on reaching their roadmap goals? Let’s take a look at EMP Money and their Pow’r Up NFT project that claims it’ll earn its holders Ethereum, oh and it can still be minted!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Do you consider yourself a DeFi Degen?
01:00 POW’R UP NFTs
02:57 What’s EMP? And how does it work?
04:40 EMP trading volume
04:58 EMP Money audits
05:55 What is the POW’R UP Ethereum virtual miner?
07:15 How are the yields generated?
08:26 What’s seigniorage?
09:45 EMP Liquidity and market cap
10:24 EMP Money review

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