Was Buying This Crypto Miner a MISTAKE?

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Kadena KDA went on an absolute tear in 2021, and mining KDA was the MOST profitable way to mine cryptocurrency for a long time! Despite the recent pullbacks, KDA mining is still incredibly lucrative, and an amazing way to add to your mining setup to earn passive income. But with so many KDA miners available – which one do you choose? Today we’ll take a look at one that I have been mining with, but has been giving me some serious issues – my Goldshell KD-Lite. Under the wrong conditions, this miner may not serve you very well, and thus might just be a mistake to buy. Let’s look at how I’m troubleshooting my miner, what I aim to do with it, and whether this is a miner you should think about buying.

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Was buying this miner a mistake?
01:58 I was really excited for this
04:10 Goldshell KD-Lite specs
05:29 The issue with my Goldshell KD-Lite
07:48 Troubleshooting the Goldshell KD-Lite
09:35 What is the Kadena project?
11:48 My successful mining strategy
13:14 Pricing and availability of Kadena miners
17:11 Should you buy the Goldshell KD-Lite?

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