Switching From Bitcoin Mining to Altcoin Mining To Earn More Money?

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As we start to get our new cryptocurrency mining farm up and running, we’re taking a closer look at what mining rigs make the most sense to run in this bear market. Running off a standard residential electric rate significantly affects the efficiency and ROI of your mining rigs. As markets fluctuate, it’s important to monitor your initial miner costs, electric rate, mining efficiency, profitability, and what coins make the most sense to hold in a bear market. When we hit the next bull run, this can make or break how quickly you get your ROI. We’ve been taking a look at some altcoins like Kadena and some alternative mining options like HDD Mining with the Evergreen Chiaminer. Let’s check them out!

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Is Bitcoin mining still profitable?
01:20 Is Altcoin mining more efficient?
02:50 Is KDA mining a good idea? 04:05 Why buy a KD Max miner?
05:20 Stacking coins in a Bear market
06:30 Investing in a bear market
07:30 Inflation is wrecking the economy
09:03 Mining and electricity pricing
10:00 Choosing a good altcoin to mine
11:50 Life changing gains?
12:42 Mind-set and advantages
14:15 Adjusting to evolving conditions

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