Investors Prepare for More PAIN?! INSANE Crypto News

The current market conditions have caused a lot of trouble for many huge crypto projects. BlockFi, Celsius and Babel Finance are a few examples that have felt the sting of a market crash! Subscribe to VoskCoin for more crazy crypto news!

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Crypto bear markets can be very brutal. Having capitalized on the 2017-2018 bull market and endured the 2019-2020 bear market, I have seen my fair share of crypto projects fail. This most recent crash seems to be doing a lot of damage very quickly – many huge businesses struggling and even stopping withdrawals! What is in store for the crypto market from here? Will things get better? Who should you trust with your coins? Let’s unpack all of this and more in this crazy crypto news update!

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Is crypto doomed?
01:12 FTX, BitMEX, and Deribit Liquidate 3AC
01:43 Three Arrows Capital becoming insolvent?
06:37 Vauld Continues operation as usual
07:05 Celsius pausing withdraws and swaps
08:52 Blockfi Risk Management
10:32 The Vertu Phone
12:51 Crypto Market is Bearish
13:20 Lender Babel Freezes withdraws
14:00 Celsius is being sued!
15:00 Should you lend out your coins?

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