Avalanche 2022 Report – Full Blockchain Analysis

Here’s everything you need to know about Avalanche AVAX – from the ecosystem to narratives to news, we’ll cover all the blockchain data you need to become an Avalanche crypto $AVAX & DeFi master! Sub! https://voskco.in/Sub

Read the full report published by Messari here – https://messari.io/report/state-of-avalanche-q3-2022?referrer=asset:avalanche
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Avalanche is a Top 25 cryptocurrency as well as a virtual machine that has made waves since it arrived on the crypto scene in 2020! The more you know about Avalanche and its history, the better you can predict what will take place with the brand new ecosystem that is being built atop it, and thus have better gains! The State of Avalanche report contains all the vital information and statistics you need to be on top of everything related to Avalanche $AVAX, so today we will be going to break down the valuable blockchain analysis you need to know. Whether you’re an investor in the Avalanche ecosystem, or looking for the next Ethereum killer, you can’t miss this!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 State of Avalanche AVAX Report
01:08 Key insights of the Avalanche report
02:49 What is the Avalanche Blockchain
04:08 Avalanche Fees & Usage
06:32 How to use the Avalanche C-chain
08:54 Avalanche Network value
15:52 Avalanche NFTs
18:20 Avalanche Gaming
19:38 Development activity on the Avalanche Blockchain
20:23 AVAX Staking Stats
22:22 Avalanche Use-cases
29:11 Avalanche Network Security
30:16 Avalanche Subnets
32:16 Avalanche Growth
33:46 Bear Market building!

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