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Arbitrum is one of the fastest and cheapest Layer 2 blockchains you can use right now! And the fact that they don’t have a token yet is insane, so you’d better prepare yourself because it seems like an airdrop is coming! How can you make sure you’re qualified for the drop? Let’s see! Sub!

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Despite the Merge, Ethereum gas fees are still way too high to justify using the blockchain consistently. That’s where Layer 2s step in, and allow you to transact and interact with dApps for pennies. Layer 2s have seen massive popularity recently, and Arbitrum, the biggest Layer 2 currently in existence, has yet to airdrop or release a token yet. However, they do seem to have very interesting mechanics on-chain that could qualify you for future airdrops. Don’t miss out on their potential airdrop though, as they will very likely drop tokens to new and regular users – so let’s find out how to qualify. Today we’ll go over everything you need to know to try to qualify for the Arbitrum airdrop, as well as for other tokens that may be launching in the Arbitrum ecosystem!

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00:00 Ethereum Layer 2 Solutions are hot!
01:45 Learn Optimism and get rewarded?
03:40 Galaxe NFT platform
04:29 Optimism OP Tokenomics
05:29 Hop Protocol Optimism Quest
06:13 Gitcoin Passport
09:36 Is it too late to make the Arbitrum airdrop?
11:18 How to find unclaimed airdrops
13:07 Quests for the airdrops

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BIGGEST Crypto Airdrops of 2022!! How to Claim? Ethereum Layer 2 & More

Crypto airdrops have been a great way to earn passive income. Uniswap airdropped 400 UNI in 2020 which eventually reached a value of $16,000. With the Ethereum merge now over, many investors are choosing to focus on strong layer 1 and layer 2 altcoins.

We now look at 4 other ultra-high potential altcoin projects with major upcoming airdrops: Abritrum ARB and Optimism OP, Lukso LYXE, Aptos, and Sui.

0:00 Crypto Airdrops
1:30 Arbitrum ARB and Optimism OP
4:49 Lukso LYXE
6:08 Aptos
7:39 Binance $600 Bonus Offer and $1,000 Trading Contest
8:29 Sui
10:26 Conclusion

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🔗Arbitrum Airdrop Strategy 2022 –

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