HUGE Helium Information… HNT Investors & Miners Need To Know This

I have been mining Helium HNT for years now, its a crypto you can earn passive income with, using radio waves. Alex from Tactical Investing has been mining Helium as well! Today we discuss the good, bad and ugly future of Helium HNT… Sub for more!

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Helium went from being an eco-friendly exciting new coin to mine, to a cryptocurrency surrounded in controversy I mean even Amir Haleem the Helium Inc nova labs CEO says Helium will continue its migration to the Solana SOL blockchain regardless of its disgusting centralized ownership and involvement with Alemeda Research and FTX with puppet master SBF Sam Bankman-Fried… Is Helium doomed, or is this just a bump in the road for HNT investors and miners? At least Helium miners can mine several different shitcoins now lol :shrug:

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 VoskCoin x Tactical Investing Interview
02:37 Beginning of Helium HNT mining
06:27 Helium miner manufacturer secrets
11:52 Difficulties of being a Helium content creator
17:27 Helium controversies revealed
21:50 Helium moving to Solana
26:16 5G vs IOT mining Helium
33:00 VoskCoin x miner controversy
39:15 Bad actors in the HNT mining space
45:00 Should you mine Helium 5G?
51:25 Helium affiliate marketing secrets
01:00:04 What it’s like being a crypto YouTuber
01:13:09 Advice on getting into crypto now!

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