Here’s Why I’m NOT Bullish on Ethereum Classic ETC!

Ethereum Classic was supposed to be the ETH mining savior! But it’s proving to just be a worse version of ETH… Can ETC stand the test of time or will it crumble as just another ETH clone? Sub!

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The Ethereum merge has happened and ETH is no longer mineable, making Ethereum Classic (ETC) the go-to ETH mining alternative. But is ETC even worth mining without Ethereum? ETC hash rates are up, but the true test will be if ETC will be able to be effective long term without ETH. A lot of our ASIC miners were on the ETH algorithm prior to the merge, and now those miners are not nearly as profitable, in fact, many of them are losing money after electric costs. There’s also a new, very volatile token, ETHW, that has been listed on a lot of the major cryptocurrency exchanges, including FTX and Kraken. So what do we really think about ETC and the future of ETH mining? Let’s find out!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Ethereum Classic should have been our savior
01:33 Is ETC worth mining without ETH?
02:38 My ETC mining profitability
03:32 Why Ethereum Classic is less profitable than Ethereum
04:56 Is EthereumPOW here to save Ethereum mining?
06:20 GPU mining is not profitable anymore!
07:15 What is Ethereum Classic, market cap and trading volume
09:01 Was the Antminer E9 worth buying?
10:39 Is it worth mining Ethereum Classic ETC right now?

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