How To Raise Intelligent Children | Kimberly Ho Misiaszek

When it comes to raising kids, there can be a lot of confusion out there. In this conversation, Anthony Pompliano sits down with Kimberly Ho Misiaszek, PhD to discuss how to raise intelligent children, nature vs nurture, navigating social media use, PTSD, how lockdowns affect children, authoritative parenting, and more.

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0:00 – On This Episode
0:50 – Child Psychology Framework
2:30 – Nature vs. Nurture
9:30 – Cognitive Development Through Stress & Other Factors
13:00 – Genes
19:30 – Spoken word/language – 19,000 word difference in class levels
22:30 – Can you optimize for high IQ?
27:50 – Analyzing 2 Parents vs. 1 Parent Household
30:50 – Single Parent Home
34:50 – Elementary School, Bullying, Navigating These Years
41:00 – Navigating phones, social pressures, 10-14 years old suicide is highest cause of death
43:30 – Being Different Is Good
45:40 – Should Kids Spend More Time Reading? Or Social With Other Kids?
48:00 – Excelling At Skills/Sports (Tiger Woods)
50:00 – Value of Sports
55:00 – Public Schools – Prison For Kids?
58:00 – ADHD
1:02:00 – Volatility In Children
1:03:20 – *FTX – SIGN UP TODAY*
1:04:00 – Volatility In Children
1:06:00 – School Shut Downs, Effects On Children
1:08:15 – Masks In School
1:10:00 – Reacting to Future Viruses
1:11:30 – Exposure To Violence
1:16:30 – PTSD
1:20:30 – Authoritative Parents
1:28:00 – Culture Groups, Religious Groups
1:30:00 – Raising Spoiled Kids
1:34:30 – Kids Need Better Parents
1:38:00 – Where To Find Kimberly Online