AAVE Price Prediction | Heading BELOW $65?

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AAVE is undergoing the same struggle that many altcoins are at the moment, that being said, it is trying to find a bottom. Considering how new this asset is, it’s not surprising that it saw a 92% retracement from its all-time high, a number which is somewhat higher than the average retracement we’ve seen for most of the higher cap altcoins. But what does our AAVE price prediction tell us?

Unlike BTC which has seen several weeks in the oversold section of the RSI indicator, AAVE has yet to do so. This is partly because the chart is so new and doesn’t have enough data yet. This would suggest there is more room for the price to move down. That being said we are in a high volume price zone right now, so a break from this level could make for a decent relief rally.


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